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October 2014 scheduling and sunset times for senior photos

October is a very busy month for us and everyone wants to get their senior photos done when the leaves are changing but it also limits are sessions times with the sun setting so early.  Since this is the first of October I wanted to make people aware of sunset times as the days start to get shorter.  Right now sunset is around 7:30 but by the 15th it will be 7:00pm and by the end of the month it will be 6:30pm.  Typically our latest scheduled shoot times will around 4 or 5pm during the month of October.  Once November 2nd hits and daylight savings time comes into play we have to make our latest scheduled times at around 3-4pm.  We do schedule a lot of back to back weekend sessions during the morning and early afternoon so those times might work better for you as I know kids are in school during the day and a lot of parents cannot get off work.

Session slots are starting to fill up for October so we decided that we will be dedicating a single day at the end of the month to just shooting senior session on October 31st 2014 from 9-5 to try to fit everyone in. We will be at one location all day doing schedule shoots so if you are interested, please fill out our contact form.

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